I pray you will be blessed by this find. May 22 2014.

An excerpt from FAS President, Dr. Ron Smith's April Newsletter, quote from Henry Clay Morrison.

“Why I believe in the Asbury mission:”

Give a nation a faithful ministry in its pulpits, [people] who feel the call and awe of God upon them; [people] who will be true to His word, declare His truth regardless of consequences, who will faithfully instruct [people] in righteousness and warn them against sin; [people] who will rebuke wickedness among the rich as well as the poor, who making the word of the Lord the sword of the Spirit, will strike mightily against the sins of the people and warn them of the judgment to come, meanwhile, with tender and loving heart, calling them to repentance and pointing them to the Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world. Such a nation can but be blessed. There will be power in the churches; the fires of devotion will glow upon millions of family altars; there will be order and happiness in the home; the schools will be centers of spiritual and intellectual development; there will be honesty in commerce, justice in the courts, civic righteousness will prevail, moral standards will be high, social life will be pure, the fear of God will pervade the earth, the love of Christ will reign and rule in the hearts of [people], the Bible will become the revered and honored book, and the kingdom of heaven will be set up in the hearts of the people; and our crucified and risen Lord “shall see the travail of His soul, and shall be satisfied.”